Deep Sea Spotlight – Mahi Mahi


Looking for healthy lunch ideas? Jazz up your lunch or dinner with a tasty serving of mahi mahi! Your body will thank you. Also known as Dolphin Fish, mahi mahi lives in the Pacific Ocean and warm waters around the world. If you are looking for a tasty alternative to fatty meats such as beef, pork or dark meat chicken, then mahi mahi is a wonderful choice! With almost as much omega 3-fatty acids as salmon, it is the perfect option for a low-fat protein that helps manage weight and cholesterol. Let’s take a look at some of mahi mahi’s advantageous features. This fish is loaded with health benefits.

Complete Protein

A mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) swims by while swimming by a Fish Aggregation Device offshore from Kona HawaiiMahi mahi gets major props for being a complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself, but needs to help support your muscle tissue. A 3 oz. serving of this fish is 20.2 grams of protein, about a third of your daily protein intake, depending on your weight. Some people need more protein than others, especially if you are looking to build lean muscle. No matter your goals, this fish can get you closer to the protein intake your body craves to function at its best.

Vitamins and Minerals

Another huge benefit for this fish is that it contains all B vitamins and several minerals! Take a peek at some of the benefits of these vitamins and minerals below:

  • B-5 – helps regulate hormones, healthy liver, and skin

  • B-6 – promotes healthy brain function and mood regulation

  • Thiamine and riboflavin – help support fast metabolism and immune system

  • Potassium – helps lower blood pressure

  • Selenium – antioxidant that helps your immune system

  • Iron – helps red blood cells with oxygen flow through your body

  • Magnesium – supports bone health

Mahi mahi contains lower levels of mercury than other fish, which can be a common concern among the health-conscious.

Did we mention the taste? Not only does this fish have phenomenal health benefits, it’s also tasty, especially in our tacos topped with watermelon pico de gallo! If you’ve been looking for healthy restaurants, you’ve come to the right place. Stop by today for a low fat, delicious and nutritious meal and be sure to try our mahi mahi in tacos or a la carte!

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